I started taking photos of people many years ago. I was "that guy with a camera" at friends and family functions ..... probably because I love catching people during the happiest times in their lives.

I have found that most people usually don't like getting photos taken of themselves. There's always a fear of looking unflattering or awkward. Fortuantely, you don't have to be a model to take a great photo. The secret is to make people feel safe, relaxed and then they will be themselves. Then their true personality will come out through their eyes and facial expression. And that's what I love doing - I love capturing your inner joy.

My personal strength as a photographer is event shooting. My love of life brought me to shooting all types of events. I started as an assistant photographer in the West Coast Swing dance conference world. There I had the opportunity to hone my craft. To learn to freeze the moment of joy on a dancer's face or to make you feel like you are dancing with them. This takes a keen eye, skill and the intuition to catch that photo when everything is in motion.

Here is a note sent to me from one of my happy clients.

"Thank you for the pictures! For the first time ever, someone (you Jean-Guy) has captured the unbelievable joy I feel when I am dancing! Thank you, thank you!"

Mickey Monroe

I would love to be able to capture your story, your feelings and your event memories - whether it's the magical moments of your engagement, wedding day or any other celebration.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you found it informative and inspiring.

Jean-Guy Laferriere

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